How To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Christmas Holidays

It may seem like just yesterday that you were making plans for your summer vacation. Just like the three months of summer flew by, the three months you have ahead to get ready for Christmas will probably fly by, too. If you want to incorporate flowers into your pre-planning, here are some ideas that might help inspire you. It might be helpful to pull out your calendar now so that you can note everything that you want to happen way ahead of time.

Home Decor - Consider decorating your house the week after Thanksgiving. With school events, shopping, parties and all of the other events that traditionally happen in December, knowing that your house is ready will be a real help.

  • A wreath for your front door is a good place to start and a live one can be delivered right to your home. A wreath created from a mixture of greenery like boxwood balsam, juniper, and white pine boughs will last throughout the holidays. A big red bow and pine cones as part of the design will make it even more festive. Spritzing it with water every now and then will make it last longer.
  • When you place your order for your front wreath, think about ordering swags of Christmas greenery to put over your windows in the living room, dining room and anywhere else you're decorating for the holidays. If you use small hooks to secure them they won't show and you won't even have to take them down after Christmas. That way they'll be ready for next year's swag hanging.
  • Floral arrangements for your fireplace, the dining room table and other table tops would add festivity to your decorating. Consider placing snowmen or penguins next to a flower arrangement for a fun look and angels next to them for an elegant look.

Floral Gifts - The gift of the arrival of flowers at one's front door is a great idea.

  • Do you have out-of-towners on your gift list? Of course, sending an actual gift or a gift card is one consideration. However, think about arranging for floral delivery. If you send your gift early, the arrangement will last through the holidays, a reminder of your thoughtfulness.
  • Flower delivery is also a very appropriate gift for any of your business contacts or for businesses that have given your family service. For example, giving flowers is one good way to show appreciation for service given at your doctor's office.
  • For an extra special gift, think about setting up flower delivery every month. The florists will match the arrangement to whichever holiday will be celebrated that particular month. For example, red flowers and hearts will probably be part of February's arrangement while pastel colored flowers, bunnies and pretty eggs might be part of April's flower arrangement.

While you're at it, consider writing yourself reminders of other occasions when you will want to order flowers. For more information, talk to company like Ciano Florist.