Tips For Getting A Job At A Flower Shop

Looking for a job that combines beauty with creativity? A flower shop, or florist job, is one of the few professions that doesn't absolutely require a degree. While a degree in botany or horticulture can certainly come in handy, many flower shops are looking for additional qualities in their potential candidates. If you think this would be a great job for you, start honing these skills to land the position.

Learn Basic Flower Arranging

The best way to get a job at a florist shop is to be able to display your abilities with flower arranging. You can easily learn this art on your own, thanks to plentiful how-to books and online tutorials. Start by scouring the countryside for wildflowers and grasses, then bring them home and practice arranging them in some of the more popular arrangement styles.

You don't have to invest in pricey vases while you are learning these arrangement styles, either. Common everyday objects, such as water glasses or urns, will work fine for practice.

Once you feel you have mastered several types of arrangements, start taking photographs of some of your best bouquets for a portfolio that you can show potential employers.

Learn How To Use Objects Creatively For Arrangements

In many cases, people want something a little more than just flowers for their arrangement. Many people order specialty bouquets and arrangements that use everything from ribbons to old boots to vintage ornaments. Start scouring flea markets and garage sales for those little unique add-ons that could turn a so-so bouquet into a work of art. This will stand you in good stead when customers need ideas for something fresh and one of a kind.

Again, take pictures of your final result to add to your portfolio.

Get Familiar With Tools Of The Trade

Flower arranging uses so much more than a pair of scissors. From wire cutters to metal frogs (cages that hold the flower stems inside the container) to tapes and adhesives, florists use many tools to create wreaths, arrangements and bouquets.

Even if you can't afford to buy and practice with all of the tools yourself, read about them and familiarize yourself so that if you do get the job, you will know exactly what the tools are and how to use them.

By employing these three tactics, you can make yourself a desirable addition at a florist shop and can immeasurably improve your chances of finding employment in this field. For more information about the work of a florist, contact a company like Joanna's Florist.