Tips For Choosing Flowers For Your Flower Girl

If you are going to have a wedding with a flower girl, you are going to have a lot of details on your mind. However, for the flower girl and her parents, she is going to be focused on her duties and it is important that you get the right flowers. Here are some tips for choosing a flower arrangement for your flower girl.

1. Make Sure They're Reinforced With Wire

If your flower girl is going to be holding a bouquet of flowers rather than throwing petals, make sure that you tell the florist to reinforce the flowers with wire, especially if she is young. Children have a habit of absentmindedly tearing up anything they have in their hands and, if you want to be sure that the flowers last until after the church ceremony, you will need to ensure that they are sturdy and reinforced with wire.

If you let your florist know the age of your flower girl, he or she might be able to recommend flowers that are the same colors as the flowers that you are using for the rest of the bouquets for your wedding party, but able to hold up better to a young girl swirling them around.

2. Consider Allergies

Talk to your flower girl's parents ahead of time to make sure that your flower girl doesn't have any allergies. This is important because you don't want your flower girl to get sick on the day of your wedding. If she has allergies that are intense, consider getting fake flowers instead. These flowers won't look any different in the photographs and will allow you to make sure that she has something to carry that is not going to affect her allergies. 

3. Think About a Basket of Rose Petals and a Bouquet

Finally, consider having two floral items to give the flower girl. The first could be a basket of rose petals for her to throw while she is walking down the aisle. The second could be a bouquet that she carries into the reception and holds in the photographs. This way, if something goes wrong with either of the two floral arrangements, your flower girl will definitely have something to hold.

For more ideas and information about how to make your flower girl's bouquet last longer and make it through the wedding, talk to your florist. He or she will have tips for what flowers to give young, rambunctious girls.

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