Tips For Getting A Job At A Flower Shop

Looking for a job that combines beauty with creativity? A flower shop, or florist job, is one of the few professions that doesn't absolutely require a degree. While a degree in botany or horticulture can certainly come in handy, many flower shops are looking for additional qualities in their potential candidates. If you think this would be a great job for you, start honing these skills to land the position. Read More 

How To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Christmas Holidays

It may seem like just yesterday that you were making plans for your summer vacation. Just like the three months of summer flew by, the three months you have ahead to get ready for Christmas will probably fly by, too. If you want to incorporate flowers into your pre-planning, here are some ideas that might help inspire you. It might be helpful to pull out your calendar now so that you can note everything that you want to happen way ahead of time. Read More